Event Participation

Drivers that want to participate in our events must pass a tech inspection prior to being allowed on track. Each event will have a set time for drivers meeting and all participants must have their vehicles inspected prior to the meeting. We advise to arrive to the track as early as possible in order to avoid any delays on the driving schedule.

We at The Track Society take safety as our number one concern. Every effort should be made to make sure your vehicle passes our inspection for your safety. Please review our pre-tech inspection sheet to insure you pass tech.


Driver Safety

It is the sole responsibility of the driver to read and understand the requirements of each event prior to registration and attending the event. If each requirement is not met, we at The Track Society reserve the right to refuse the driver from driving the event. The requirements for each event are put in place to keep every driver safe during each event.


Vehicle Requirements

It is the responsibility of each driver or team, that all requirements are read and understood before registration to ensure the vehicle will pass tech inspection before being allowed on track.

We reserve the right to refuse any vehicle that we deem unsafe for track use.


Tech Inspection

If tech decides that the driver and vehicle do not have the proper safety equipment the driver or team will have a chance to fix anything needed before being let on track, if the flagged items in question by tech cannot be fixed, The vehicle will not be allowed on track. All drivers and teams will have had ample time to make sure vehicles meet our tech requirements. Please make sure to read over our tech inspection page before registering to any event.




Once drivers have pre-registered for an event, the drivers chosen will receive a link that will allow the chosen drivers to complete registration. The link is presented to the chosen drivers and the chosen drivers alone. The link is not to be given out. If the link is given to someone else or a non registered/chosen driver decides to register and pay for the event but have not been accepted, they will not be refunded and will not be accepted to participate in the event.




All events will have a final date that registered drivers are allowed to receive a refund before the set date. Once registered, all registered applicants will have acknowledged the set date for the registered event and will have time to make sure they meet all requirements of said event.

To initiate a refund for the event, the registered applicant must send an email from the same email given to us at the time of registration with a reason to why they are canceling their registration so that they may get refunded. Once refunded, the driver will be removed from the drivers list and their spot in line will be given to the next applicant in line.

Once the refund cutoff date for the event has been reached, there will be no refunds given, unless proof of reason is valid on our behalf at which time, we have the right to give a refund under extreme circumstances.



Depending on space and insurance restrictions for each track event, we reserve the right to cap the number of media personel allowed on track at a time. To accommodate media and spectator parking, we may charge media personnel a discounted parking fee at the main entrance. Those looking to apply for on track media must apply on our website and we will hand out media credentials to those choosen. We reserve the right to use any media footage taken at our events for use on our website, facebook, instagram and other media outlets.



Each event will have a designated parking in the spectator parking zone marked on the current events map provided on the map release date prior to each event. We will have a designated spectator area that will be marked off with pendant flags. Any spectators beyond that point will be warned, a second time will be immediate removal from the event.



The Track Societys Terms and Conditons are subject to change without notice.

If you have any questions regarding our terms and conditions please contact us at

[email protected]