***Attention! Revision made at bottom of list*** 

Drivers that want to participate in our events must pass a tech inspection prior to being allowed on track. We will have a set time for drivers meeting and all participants must have their vehicles inspected prior to the meeting. We advise to arrive to the track as early as possible in order to avoid any delays on the driving schedule.


We at The Track Society take safety as our number one concern. Every effort should be made to make sure your vehicle passes our inspection for your safety. Please review our pre-tech inspection sheet to insure you pass tech.


Required Driver Safety Equipment:

Disclaimer: It is the driver’s responsibility to comply to these regulations, but that does not imply that injury or death will not occur. If you have any questions about the regulations, please contact us.


1: Drivers must use a proper fitting helmet that meets Snell standards for cars or motorcycles. SA 2005 or MA 2005 or newer (Strongly suggest SA helmets)

A: Passengers must also follow the same helmet standards.

2: Drivers and passengers must use either stock seat belts or harnesses while vehicle is operating on the track

3: No open toed shoes, Shorts or tank tops are allowed in vehicles while they are on Track.


Vehicle Requirements:

We reserve the right to refuse any vehicle we deem unsafe for track use. These requirements are the drivers responsibility to be met or exceeded prior to the event date.


1: Appearance of all vehicles should be in good condition and appearance. All body panels must be present and the same color before the first session.

A:We do not expect body panels to be present throughout the entirety of the event and can be removed if necessary, reasonable and does not jeopardise the safety of the driver or other drivers.

2: Wheels should be in good condition. There should be no cracks or other damage to the wheels. All lugs must be present.

3: Engine bay should not have significant leaks that would otherwise leave major fluid spills on track.

4: Roll cages are not required except that all open cars have a roll bar installed to protect in the case of a roll-over.

A: A minimum of 4 point cage including door bars will be required for tandem.

5: The battery should be secured to the car either in the stock location or relocated in a secured battery box. No bungie cords, ratchet straps or anything similar will be allowed.

6: Windshield must not have cracks longer than 12” on drivers side.

7: Brake lights must illuminate when brake pedal is depressed.

8: One 2.5lb fire extinguisher within arm’s reach must be safetly secured in all vehicles.


If you have any questions regarding our tech inspection please contact us at

[email protected]