Desert Meihan


Drivers and vehicles must adhere to our requirements before entering onto track. You will have time to fix anything that the tech inspector does deem unsafe for track use.

If tech advises that the vehicle or driver does not meet the safety requirements listed on our tech inspection page, we reserve the right to deny the vehicle and driver from driving the event at which time no refunds will be issued.

All tech inspection requirements will be available online and all drivers will have had ample time to prepare for the event.

Drivers will have a designated pit area that is marked on the scale map provided on the website. Please make sure to keep all tools, tires, and body panels clear of the driving areas to keep the flow of movement.

Event registration price covers one Driver and track vehicle along with one pit vehicle (with trailer is ok). Any passengers must pay the spectator fee.

All passengers wanting ride alongs must wear long pants and t-shirts, no open toe shoes or tank tops will be allowed in vehicle. Passengers must present their own helmet that meets Snell standards for cars or motorcycles. SA 2005 or MA 2005 or newer (Strongly suggest SA helmets). We also have the right to deny any passenger that does not meet these safety requirements.

Spectators will have designated parking in the spectator parking zone marked on the map rpovided on our website when it is released. We will have a designated spectator area that will be marked off with flags. Any spectators beyond that point will be warned, a second time will be immediate removal from the event.

Media personel that have been given media credentials will receive a media pass that must be worn at all times. Media personel must provide their own bright reflective vests if they want access to the track. There will be a breif media meeting after every drivers meeting letting personel know where the designated “safe to stand” areas will be. Any media beyond the safe areas will be warned, a second time will be removal of media pass. Media must also wear T-shirt or long sleve, pants and no open toe shoes will be allowed on track.

Remember, these rules are not meant to stop everyone from having fun, these rules and safety requirements are in place so that you as drivers, passengers and spectators remain safe at all times and have a fun event.



If you have any questions regarding our event rules please contact us at 

[email protected]